Nowacki Kwiaty

Polish, family company

We are already the second generation of rose breeders. The passion for plants runs in our family. Every day we are pleased to provide you with the highest quality products

Company history


Anna and Kazimierz Nowacki run a gardening farm in Ociąż. At first, tomatoes, freesias and carnations are grown.


Beginning of Gerber production.


Son Zbigniew and his parents imported the first tulip bulbs from the Netherlands and the cultivation of these flowers began on a larger scale.


A new era for the farm – construction of a Venlo greenhouse
for rose cultivation with an area of 1 ha.


Increased rose production by 1.2 ha
in the most modern greenhouses.


We are a national leader in the production of roses,
the number of which reaches 5 million pieces per year.