Nowacki Kwiaty


Our farm is one of the few leading producers of roses in Poland in a continuous system. Rose production on an area of ​​22,000 m2 is carried out all year round thanks to lighting with sodium assimilation lamps and, in part of the greenhouse, with energy-saving LED lamps.

LED lamps used in our greenhouses have partially replaced sodium lamps. They are more energy- efficient than sodium lamps and have a light spectrum specially selected for growing roses. We use LED fixtures from manufacturers such as Neonica, Perfand-Led and Philips.

The entire cultivation process is controlled by a climate computer, which is responsible for such factors in the greenhouse as: temperature, humidity, ventilation, irrigation and fertilization, shading, lighting, and feeding the plants with carbon dioxide.


However, nothing can replace the experienced hand of the owners. Both Arleta and Zbigniew Nowacki constantly monitor the entire cultivation process and make necessary corrections. It should be mentioned that the cultivation of roses on the Nowacki farm is biologically protected, which allows the use of chemicals to be minimized.

Employees systematically carry out monitoring of the entire greenhouse, which is sent to the company supplying the farm with microorganisms used for biological protection.


The greenhouse is heated using a modern and ecological boiler room with a biomass-fired boiler, i.e. wood chips. A buffer tank with a capacity of 1000 m3 was used to collect hot water.

Organic waste from flower production is used as fertilizer for corn cultivation.

Currently, rainwater is collected in a retention reservoir and used to irrigate fields.